Cleaning Concrete Patios

Although most people regard it as indestructible, concrete needs upkeep too. It’s not a “pour and forget” kind of thing. Uncared for, concrete can chip, crack, and break. And if you think caring for concrete sounds like a headache, imagine what removing and replacing it is like.

Carefree Renewal

Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about any of that with us. A Renew Crew Clean never comes to replacing concrete — just clean, healthy concrete, all day. Our unique 3-step concrete cleaning process is designed to revitalize and improve the longevity of your concrete.

A Renew Crew Cleaning focuses on:

  • Applying our special foam to your concrete surfaces
  • Using a safe pressure for power cleaning your concrete patio or other areas
  • Coating the now-clean surfaces with a protective sealant designed to keep outside elements out and preserve and prolong the integrity of the concrete

Since we don’t use harsh chemicals to kill mildew and other vegetation, you don’t need to worry about your household’s safety. We’ve found that our special blend is enought to get the job done without using chlorine or other kill-all agents. Additionally, we use water pressures that are high enough to remove stains and accumulated dirt and debris, but low enough to not scour your concrete or harm nearby plants or flower beds.

Our Special Polymer Sealant

Just cleaning concrete patio areas and driveways isn’t enough — they have to be kept that way too. The thrid step ouf our system is to coat surfaces with a protective finish to keep UV rays and weathering elements from wearing down your concrete. Renewing your concrete is just that — restoring it to its like-new grace and beauty and recharging its longevity. Clean concrete is healthy concrete, and healthy concrete looks good.

No Job Too Big or Small

The great thing about a Renew Crew Clean is that it can handle projects of all sizes. Did Uncle Ted get a little crazy with the barbecue sauce at last weekend’s party? Our specialists can have your patio looking like new in no time. Did changing your oil by hand get a little messy? Our 3-step process is great at wiping away tough stains like car-related oils and chemicals. Even if it’s just been a while since cleaning concrete patio areas has crossed your mind, we can have those surfaces looking like they were poured yesterday — so call Renew Crew today.