Concrete Cleaning

Properly sealing your concrete is as necessary to its health as cleaning your teeth is to yours. Without sealing your concrete, settling and vegetation growth can lead to ugly, damaging cracks and splits in the concrete.

How It Happens

Concrete can settle and adjust — remember, it’s resting on earth. When it does that, it can strain different sections and cracks or splits can occur. Additionally, vegetation can begin growing up through those cracks, enlarging them and causing more damage. Concrete with sealing on it fights against these forces and also protects the concrete from the weathering effects of rain, snow, and sunlight.

Sealant Longevity

There is no set lifetime of a sealant. How long it lasts is determined by how hot it is in your area, what the airflow is like, what weather the concrete will experience, and what vegetation it will be exposed to. Since there is no way to tell, Renew Crew does our absolute best to prepare your concrete sealing for anything. We arm our sealant with unique polymers that are extremely water-resistant and penetrate permeable layers to ensure that vegetation can’t get through. With such a deep seal in place, your concrete will be safer than it would be with anything else. Additionally, our sealant is heavily resistant to UV rays, which extends its life — and the life of your concrete.

Our sealant is made with strictly environmentally-friendly ingredients, so you won’t have to worry about health risks to family members, pets, or the yard. You can rest easy knowing that we’re solely in the protection business: protecting your concrete, without harming any of its surroundings.

Everybody Wins

Concrete sealing is a competitive industry. Even though we trump the competition with our wonder-working 3-step process, we still keep our prices affordable. With a concrete sealant that’s better than anyone else’s and low prices, we give our customers the best. You get a sealing that is guaranteed to prolong your concrete’s life and we get happy customers. If you’re not satisfied, we’ll happily re-do the job. We take renewing seriously. Everybody wins, and that’s what a Renew Crew Clean is all about.