Spring Cleaning: Power Washing to Maintain the Integrity of Outdoor Spaces With the arrival of the warm weather of spring, it’s time, once again, to begin enjoying deck and patio spaces. Before appreciating the outdoors, however, it’s important to ensure that these living spaces are properly maintained. During the winter, unsightly stains and debris tend to accumulate on decks and patios. Additionally, the effects of moisture damage, including mold infestation, can be even more detrimental to the quality of a deck or patio. When performing spring cleaning on outdoor areas it may tempting to rely simply on a broom and garden hose, but typically decks and patios that have weathered winter conditions require a more in-depth cleaning process. The performance of DIY cleaning on a deck or patio can further damage the structure and its surfaces. Instead, it’s recommended that homeowners contact a professional power washing contractor, such as Renew Crew. A professional service will have the ability to remove not only stains but also fungi and mold that may be difficult to remove utilizing DIY methods. Concrete Concrete can provide a stubborn surface to clean and maintain, for even the most seasoned do-it-yourselfer. Power washers provide a great alternative to the standard garden hose because they are an effective and safe cleaning method that utilizes and distributes cleaning solutions through a fan spraying action. Wood Wood is another surface that requires specialized techniques, particularly after winter. In order to properly clean wood, a special cleaning solution is traditionally applied through the use of a pump sprayer. Power washing professionals typically ensure the nozzle tip of the sprayer is at least 12 inches from the wooden surface at all times. Power washing is an incredibly effective way to clean and maintain wooden structures, such as patios and decks, but if done improperly it can lead to damage, including splintering wood. If an outdoor wooden structure is compromised due to cleaning methods, the homeowner may have to sand the structure and reapply the deck sealant. Because of the risk associated with cleaning a deck or patio on one’s own, it’s recommended that a homeowner contact a reputable power washing company, like Renew Crew. In addition to professional washing services, these companies also offer quality deck sealing. A professional service provider will be able to restore and protect outdoor spaces in order to maximize enjoyment and peace of mind. May 27, 2013 · Deck Sealing and Power Cleaning