Spring Pressure Washing Advice

Pressure washing your outdoor surfaces provides a deep clean to restore them for spring. With a Renew Crew clean, your outdoor hardscapes will not only be washed, but protected. Spring is an optimal time to pressure wash away the dirt and grime from winter and protect your surfaces before the summer heat!

Dean Ritchey Headshot

Dean Ritchey, owner of Renew Crew of Lincoln, shared his best advice on how to take advantage of Renew Crew’s services this spring.

1. When is the best time to get a pressure washing service?

There is no “right” time. But there is definitely a “too late” time! The best time is when temperatures are at a safe level so that water spigots can be safely operated and detergents and cleaners can activate the surface and work at their optimal performance. Anything exterior takes extreme wear and tear and needs occasional cleaning. Sometimes that is once a year, every other year or many years. In other cases it could be once a week or month depending on the area and if there is lots of traffic that the area sees.

2. What outdoor surfaces can benefit most from pressure washing?

Deck, fences, and miscellaneous wood structures benefit the most as they are a forgiving clean, and typically the most rewarding. Hard surfaces like concrete and pavers still need care but will not rot and decay like wood will if it is not cared for. But all exterior surfaces kept clean will all benefit as if they are cared for and protected they will last longer.

3. What Renew Crew service do you think more customers should know about?

We care about long-term customers, so we want to continue to care for their outdoor surfaces. In our industry, there are so many seasonal companies that pop up when spring hits but then disappear when the season ends. We are the company that will be around to continue to care for those exterior surfaces and maintain the same process and protection for years down the road, as opposed to not knowing what was done and having to use many different processes as the years go.

4. If you could give one piece of advice to new customers, what would it be?

In this line of business, it’s not about the best price bid. The best price will more than likely give you the least quality in performance and products. Look over the process of what each company will offer to evaluate what kind of project you want to end up with.

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