Stop Floor Chipping and Cracking with Protective Concrete Sealing Concrete is considered a solid, durable construction and building material, but it does have its limitations. For example, the strength of concrete is not as high as other options, allowing for the possibility of cracking far more often than one would like. Additionally, this type of material has a tendency to shrink with age, complicating the structure of buildings requiring exact alignments. House owners that must contend with these kinds of damages should be aware that preventing this damage is not in their control. Concrete is known for this. There is, however, a solution! A protective concrete sealing can be applied by homeowners to make your surfaces secure. This sealant will help restore concrete surfaces, and keep the material from getting any worse. Sealants for concrete will prevent stains, cracks, and corrosion by protecting the surface. A wall of sealant creates a water-tight layer, blocking dirt, water, and other materials from ruining your building materials. These sealants can also assist the surface of concrete in fighting stress, such as cracks or chips, and also prevents against weathering. Moisture is the most notorious enemy of concrete, able to affect the concrete’s temperature from the inside. The switching of hot and cold temperatures can create warping or tears in the material. Concrete in cold climates must endure the freezing and thawing of material, contributing to shrinkage and also inviting the moisture to sink deeper into the concrete. Dirt, oil, grease and other chemicals are also enemies of concrete, staining and damaging the material with their own tactics. Those stains can seep deeply into the concrete, making it very difficult to get it out. Cleaning of these stains can cause issues such as chipping, since rough force is required to remove the stains, not counting the harsh chemical makeup that will affect your surfaces. Hiring capable pressure washing companies like Renew Crew is the best option for cleaning and protecting your concrete surfaces. With an array of supplies such as a pressure washer, safe chemical solutions, and sealants, homeowners can obtain a smoother and “like-new” look to their concrete surfaces. Additionally, these surfaces will be resistant to weather and every day use issues. Despite the seemingly tough exterior of concrete, this material can certainly fall prey to nature’s elements. Monitoring the condition of concrete surfaces and calling professional business to repair and maintain them is a requirement for homeowners who want to keep great-looking concrete surfaces. This material is used every day, and should be given the care that it merits. August 05, 2013 · Concrete Sealing and Pressure Washing