Strip Stubborn Floor Stains with Effective Concrete Cleaning Concrete is a resilient material used in building, a course material, and is a major component in many architectural and outdoor structures. Buildings made from concrete last for decades, even centuries, and can withstand most weather conditions. In addition, concrete is easy to produce, as aggregate material and cement takes little resources and energy to bind together. Though its advantages are many, especially in construction industry, this material has a very obvious flaw. The surface of concrete is very porous, making it difficult to get stains such as oil or grease out. There is, however, a solution: concrete cleaning services can be obtained from pressure washing businesses such as Renew Crew. Despite how smooth this material may appear, concrete is porous, and therefore it can soak up dirt and liquids. Stains from grease, colored liquids, mildew and oil will be visible for many years because of its permeable nature. The color and filth itself will be there, posing not only aesthetic issues, but health-related ones. To strip ground-in stains such as these, deep cleaning is necessary. Some cleaning products, however, come with risks. To avoid risky products, the only option would seem to be chipping off the stained portions of your concrete! Just below that is the option to spend hours scrubbing those stains into submission, leaving you with a sore body, and an only semi-cleaned driveway. There are options for comprehensive cleaning that won’t damage the surfaces of your concrete material. Hiring a professional pressure cleaning company to complete this seemingly impossible task is the right choice. With pressure washers that shoot specified streams of pressurized water, warmed and combined with cleaning solutions, these professionals can easily get your concrete back to its beautiful pre-stain glow. Don’t have nightmares about trying to scrub set-in stains off your driveway, let a professional pressure washing company strip the dirt and grime away with ease. Your concrete will gleam, and you won’t have even the slightest hint of damage. August 02, 2013 · Concrete Cleaning and Pressure Cleaning