The Three-Step Washing Process Applied by Pressure Washing Companies You put so much time, money, and thought into your home—why stop caring for it after you own it? Gutters and siding fade, concrete stains and cracks, and unless they are properly looked after, your property could end up looking bad and reflecting poorly on you. Luckily, we’re in the business of making sure that doesn’t happen. As one of the leading pressure washing companies in the nation, our three-step washing process is designed to not only remove stains and prevent chipping and cracking, but also protect your patio, deck, and siding from ultraviolet radiation and future stains. The Key to Proper Power Washing Bleach is a popular chemical for washing exterior surfaces, since it kills almost anything it touches. However, this means that your flowerbeds and other vegetation can be at risk. While that may be a risk some pressure washing companies are willing to take, we’re not. That’s why a Renew Crew clean involves our special, eco-friendly cleansing foam. It’s bad news for mold, stains and concrete-invading vegetation, but it’s safe for the plants you want to keep around, and pets, too. We spray our foam on the surface to be cleaned, and let it lift dirt and stains away. Then, we use our power washing prowess to gently rinse the stain-laden foam away. We use water pressure settings designed to get the job done without damaging the treated surfaces. Finally, we treat the newly clean surface with a special coating that’s UV-resistant. This polymer coating prevents fading and provides protection against future stains. No cure is permanent, but we’ll be happy to repeat the process when you’re ready for us to come again. Concrete and More We’re one of the pressure washing companies that doesn’t just treat concrete. If your fencing, siding, or even gutters need some work, our three-step process can restore them to their former glory as well. Gutters are notorious for gathering gunk, and most people accept it as inevitable that gutters will stain and fade. However, with Renew Crew on the job, this just isn’t so. Our proprietary foam can take out stains with ease, and the pressure wash that follows can be a well-needed “system flush” for your gutters. Finally, that same polymer coating we talked about earlier can be used to get your gutters gleaming in a way you hadn’t thought possible. Just like those gutters, house siding can stain from plant life, weathering effects, and unforeseen elements. Never fear—a ReNew Crew clean conquers all! By choosing ReNew Crew out of all the other pressure washing companies, you’re choosing the best. So make the right choice, and call today. February 08, 2013 · Uncategorized