Can you believe it? Those warm summer nights are just around the corner! Before you know it, you’re going to be entertaining friends and family outside on your deck or patio. Start off the summer season with a refreshed deck or patio from Renew Crew and top it off with string lights to create a warm and relaxing ambiance!

With no professional design experience needed, you can light up your outdoor space attractively with string lights. Your experts at Renew Crew have put together five tips to help you hang outdoor string lights to create a space for entertainment and relaxation. 

Choose a brand wisely

It can be tempting to grab some boxes of outdoor lights in the post-holiday sales and call it quits. However, if you need to replace a bulb or decide you need more lights, you might not be able to buy more lights of the exact same kind. Renew Crew recommends buying a reputable brand of cafe or bistro lights that are sold year round. Make sure the lights are outdoor safe!

Take the bulbs off the string before hanging

If you’re hanging glass string lights, make sure to take the bulbs off the string before hanging. The last thing you want is for them to bang against each other while you try to hang the strings. You also risk shattering the bulbs if you ground it on the ground. Once your strings are hung up and in place, screw the bulbs back in.

Decide where to put the lights first

Decorating your outdoor space with string lights can be difficult. You have to think about the best way to hang the lights. Whether that’s on posts or your railings, it depends on the space you have to work with. It is also important to consider whether you want electrical or solar string lights, remember to think about where a power source is when planning a layout of your lights.

Choose whether to cross the lights or not

With rectangular or square outdoor spaces, crossing string lights overhead can look very intricate. But with any other shaped space, it may be best to design the lights to fan out from a single point. Remember to think about what the lights will look like during the day as well as night.

Leave a little slack

Outdoor lights look best when they are draped with some slack in the middle of the string so that it allows it to hang a bit. Get this look by making sure the hanging points at either end of the string are level with each other. 

String lights are the perfect addition to add to your backyard deck or patio and add much-needed illumination for those summer nights out on the deck. 

String lights aren’t the only way to achieve the perfect outdoor atmosphere this summer. You can rely on Renew Crew for all your outdoor cleaning and protecting needs. We clean outdoor decks and patios — call for a free estimate today!