Deck the halls and deck out your patio! There’s no reason to limit festive cheer to only the interior of your home. Enjoy your exterior spaces with holiday decorations to bring the North Pole to just outside your door. With our list of exterior holiday decorating tips, your home will be brimming with cheer well into the New Year.

Light up the night

Add lights along your home and the surrounding foliage to illuminate the crisp winter nights with a warm glow! Classic Edison lights are always a good choice and look great year-round. For a more festive option, bright-colored Christmas lights and icicle lights are sure to shine with holiday cheer–there’s truly no limit to all the ways you can decorate your home’s exterior!

Garnish with garlands and wreaths

Holiday-themed wreaths and garlands are great for adding holiday joy. Hang them around your windows and doors for the perfect touch of green. Mix and match with both fresh and artificial options for the perfect combination of the real pine smell and the long-lasting artificial options.

Bring on the birds

Something is refreshing about yard visits from wildlife during the colder months. Perhaps it’s the tendency of many species to hibernate that makes seeing the occasional deer or cardinal trek along in the snow so special. Set out a bird feeder and some pinecones smeared with peanut butter and watch your yard come to life with happy visitors.

Reinvigorate your exterior surfaces

With the frigid blanket of snow nearly approaching, make sure that your exterior surfaces don’t get worn down. Get your outdoor surfaces pressure washed and protect them from harsh weather. Renew Crew is here to help treat your surfaces so they keep looking great beyond the holiday season.

Whether you want to revitalize your driveway, deck, or home exterior, Renew Crew offers a thorough process to clean and protect your home, backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Schedule a free estimate by calling 877-683-8000.