Why Concrete Cracks and How to Protect it

A lot of Renew Crew customers contact us to pressure wash their cracked concrete patios or driveways and wonder how it even becomes cracked in the first place. Many of these customers often wonder how the cracks have appeared in their newly poured foundations! When installed and maintained properly, concrete is one of the most durable and long-lasting products in your home but an amateur can botch the job and lead to damage.

Excess Water in the Mix
A lot of concrete pours that happen at residential and commercial jobs have too much water added into the mix. By adding an excessive amount of water it breaks down the strength of the concrete which can lead to more cracks in the concrete pour once it has dried.

Concrete Drying too Fast
Rapid drying of a concrete slab can significantly increase the possibility of cracking. The processing time of concrete going from a liquid to a solid continues for days and weeks after the concrete has been poured. By speeding up the process to dry the concrete quickly, amateurs will sacrifice the strength of the concrete, setting it up for future cracks and issues.

Lack of Control Joints in Concrete Slab
The control joints in a concrete slab help the concrete crack where you want it to. When amateurs rush through the job without following proper protocol and using control joints, it can lead to more cracks and damage than expected.

Foundation Poured in the Winter
Concrete that is poured during colder months can develop many more cracks than what typically happens when it’s poured and set in the warmer spring and summer months. You can pour concrete in the winter but it needs to be heated properly, something amateurs don’t often know or follow through on.

Concrete can crack and split if it’s not set by professionals, but these cracks can also happen over time! Fortunately, you don’t have to replace your entire concrete area, you just bring it up to speed. We not only clean and protect but we can also repair concrete cracks. Our revolutionary way of cleaning will allow your driveway or patio to take on a new life and stop being the eyesore it once was.

With our experts on hand renewing your concrete is foolproof! Call our Renew Crew professionals for a free estimate (877) 683-8000.

February 20, 2021 ·