Why to Hire Professionals for Cleaning Concrete Patios and Porches If you are hosting an important party or special social occasion, you may want to do more than a light cleaning – especially if you will be hosting the event on your patio. Of course, you are more than welcome to attempt to scrub away dirt, debris and build up, but the results will be less than satisfying and it is hard work. It is a better idea to hire professionals that are experts with cleaning concrete patio spaces. Here are some reasons why it is advantageous to hire professionals: Proven Results If you spend a little time looking online or talking to friends and family, you will find many interesting ideas on how to clean concrete floors on your own. Some people swear by baking soda, others claim that a mix of ammonia and water will get the job done. Nothing a homeowner can do will clean concrete as well as commercial pressure washing and you will wonder why you bothered to try. The Right Cleaning Agents Another concern is the type of chemicals. There are often plants, pets, and family members to consider when using chemicals. Lots of things can go wrong when chemicals are in use.. This is why it is beneficial to hire professional cleaners like Renew Crew. Renew Crew uses powerful nontoxic chemicals that clean effectively without harming anything. Time – Saving If you are thinking about cleaning your patio in advance of a party, you have better things to do then scrub cement. Even if you do not have a party to plan, you still have better things to do! Professional cleaning services prevent you from having to spend any of your precious time on such a tedious, strenuous task. Protect with Sealants Concrete patios are especially durable, which is why many people choose them. Over time, concrete will lose beauty because it is porous and can get damaged by regular use. Even well-meaning homeowners can do damage to concrete patios by misusing chemicals. It is difficult to restore concrete on your own, but cleaning professionals who specialize in commercial pressure washing techniques can restore its beauty and preserve it using a polymer sealant. Professional cleaning services allow you to focus your precious time and energy on things that matter, rather than strenuous scrubbing. Pressure washing specialists such as those at the Renew Crew are your best bet when it is time to clean your patio. April 25, 2013 · Uncategorized