Winterizing Your Outdoor Living Space At Renew Crew, we pride ourselves on providing our clients with the cleanest outdoor surfaces they can have. Whether it’s a deck, siding, patio, gutter or walkway, we try our best on bringing your surfaces back to life, however there is more to keeping your outdoor living spaces clean that you can do at your home. This is the time of year where homeowners pack away their outdoor furniture and accessories for the winter, but it’s not enough to put them in storage and leave them until next year. Taking a little extra time now while make sure you are pleased with everything in the springtime when it’s time to use everything again. Here are some tips for winterizing your outdoor living space: Figure out what can stay outdoors and what needs to be stored. Some homeowners think that if it’s meant to be used outdoors, it can stay outdoors all the time without damage. That isn’t the case. For example, plastic furniture tends to turn brittle if left outside all year round, so it’s important that it is taken out of the elements in the winter months. Vacuum and spot clean any outdoor cushions or rugs. The longer dirt sits on any fabric, the more likely it is to stain. Dust, pollen and dirt will build up over the summer, so take the time to vacuum and spot clean everything before storing them for the winter. Don’t cover or seal any furniture, accessories or rugs that are damp. Dampness leads to mold when not handled properly. Make sure everything is completely dry before covering or sealing it. Do some research and see if anything should be treated before the winter. For example, teak is a dense wood that repels bugs and rot very well and can stay outside all year round. It is best, however, if it is treated with an oil before the harsh winter elements. Similarly, it’s important to wax aluminum furniture periodically for it to last longer. As the winter continues, brush off anything that gathers or falls on outdoor furniture. For example, as the snow or ice melts and leaves puddles on your covered furniture, go out and knock off the standing water. It will keep your covers in better shape and stop anything from getting to your furniture. December 12, 2012 · Cleaning Outdoor Surfaces, Renew Crew, and Renew Crew Clean