Wood Siding 101: Power Washing and Other Maintenance Tips Due to its versatility and natural beauty, wood is one of the best siding materials in the market. However, its qualities also make it costly, which is why as a homeowner, you certainly want to make the most of your wood sidings. To avoid pricey repairs, efficient power washing, along with other regular maintenance tasks, is imperative. By doing this, your wood siding is likely to last for decades. Keep it covered You can protect your home’s wood siding by staining or painting it to prevent discoloration, splitting, warping, and water damage. The effectiveness and durability of the coat will depend on several factors, including the quality of the coating material, surface preparation, climate, and type of wood. To make the coating last longer, make sure you touch up fading, chipping, and peeling areas regularly. This way you won’t need to re-coat your wood siding for several years. Let it breathe To increase the resilience of your wood siding and help the paint protect it longer, it’s important to let it “breathe,” which basically means air should be allowed to circulate behind it. If peeling paint is a common sight on your siding, you can drive shims between the boards. This improves air circulation behind the siding, thus reducing the risk of paint coming off. Rise above the dirt Dirt is the most common enemy of wood siding. To prevent discoloration caused by dirt, siding should be installed eight inches above the soil as this keeps wood-boring insects away. Also, by doing this, siding is less likely to rot. In case your wood siding has damaged portions, replace it immediately. It is advisable to clean wood siding panels every year, using warm, soapy water and a soft-bristled brush. Release some pressure Pressure cleaning can restore the original appearance of your wood siding by completely removing the grit that has accumulated over the years. However, this endeavor requires utmost care, as the powerful jet of a pressure washer can seriously damage the wood. For this reason, it’s highly recommended to leave the pressure cleaning work in the hands of experts, such as Renew Crew. Nothing surpasses the beauty and classic appearance of authentic wood. Actually, that’s why substitute siding materials on the market—like vinyl and fiber cement—try to mimic its qualities. Although they are easier to maintain, they cannot compete with real wood. By following the tips above, you can enjoy your wood siding for many years to come. July 09, 2013 · Power cleaning